In a nutshell, our ambition and purpose comes from exploring.

Nothing changes us more than the trips we have taken, the places we explore and the people we connect with. Ideas are born through experiences and our passion for technology, media, travel and life is the perfect blend of interests to start up XploreVR. We are thankful for what the world has taught us and the business it has inspired us to create.

What makes us extra special?


Our focus is in the travel, tourism and leisure industry. We are constantly indulging in the latest travel news and trends to remain fresh and competitive in the market.

Team work

We know a great team makes a great film. With our unique collaborative approach, we will work closely together every step of the way to create an unforgettable experience.


Our experiences are designed to be explored, unveiling compelling perspectives of your unique offering, expressing the sensation of adventure, excitement and desire.

Shanil Kawol

Shanil Kawol

XploreVR Founder

I am passionate about helping people discover new and exciting experiences in the world to help change them for the better. I began XploreVR to showcase places like never seen before to fuel people’s desire to travel. As a former 2D videographer with more than 10 awards, I am excited to bring experiences to life through a 360 degree window. The future of video is here.

Our promise to you is our commitment to exceeding your expectations. Because of this, you receive an incredible campaign that will change the way people think about your brand. Would you like to know more? Contact us now.