Hassle-free 360 degree video production.

Making a video is a fun process and we do not want you to miss out. We will work together as a team every step of the way on our journey to create an unforgettable experience. We provide the expertise, tools and approach to craft highly immersive experiences tailored to the culture and values of your brand.

Our approach

1. Plan

We know your industry and once we know you, we can crack on with the good stuff. We will have thought provoking planning workshops online or offline to get our creative juices flowing for inspiration and ideas. The result is an original vision for a jaw dropping experience in the form of a script and storyboard.

2. Film

Once we know what we need, we do everything in our control to ensure the shoot goes smoothly, on time and on budget. Our arsenal of VR equipment includes state of the art tools to provide exceptional video and audio quality for the most immersive experience.

3. Edit

The next part is where it all comes together in post production. We stitch and edit the footage together to produce a seamless experience. You will be continuously kept in the loop with our progress for your peace of mind.

4. View

The most exciting part for us is the launch of your new campaign. We will make sure your video is ready for the world to see on the various 360 enabled platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Veer.

Our content values

Content is king. We carefully curate content for maximum impact on social media. Our powerful combination of values ensures our videos stand out from the crowd and lead the way for innovative marketing.


Motivate your audience to explore their world, their way.


Leave your audience wanting more than what they came for.


Do not give everything away but wet the apetite by giving a glimpse.

The Xplore package has everything you need to create an unforgetable experience that will leave your audience wanting more. See what is included below.

Up to 3 minutes of video

Social media is crowded with noise. Our videos are short, to the point and shareable to attract your target audience.

15 days project

We know how busy your job is. Our project duration is long enough to ensure quality and fast enough to meet deadlines.

3 days of planning

Our final vision is united. Together as a team we produce a script and storyboard showing the overall experience.

3 days of filming

Capturing the perfect moment needs special tools. We record high quality 360 video and audio safely, on time and on budget.

9 days of editing

Creating a seamless video requires expertise and effort. Our tools turn raw footage and audio into a spectacular experience.

Music overlay

The right music is key to stimulate audience emotions. We carefully search for the best soundtrack to engage your audience.

Professional voice over

A human touch can help guide your audience. Choose a voice from our selection of virtual tour guides to suit your needs. 

Cover photo

Your video cover photo ultimately decides whether your audience clicks on your video. We capture the ‘must click’ cover for you.

Launch preparation

Reaching a wider audience is challenging. We provide the headline, description and tags you need to maximise your potential.

Our promise to you is our commitment to exceeding your expectations. Because of this, you receive an incredible campaign that will change the way people think about your brand. Contact us now.